Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Best Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes For Mother

Thinking of you today. Sending you lots of love and kisses.

Happiness is having a mother like you. Sending you love today.

Happy Birthday Quotes For Friends

You’ve inspired me all my life. Have a blessed and happy day.

Hoping you have a cake as great as the ones you made me, Mom.

Take care of yourself today. Sending you all my love.

Please remember that I love you. Wishing you a beautiful day.

Sending this message to my fabulous, beautiful, understanding Mom. I love you so much.

Take it from me, you are the best parent ever. I love you. Happy birthday, Mom!

Put your party hat on, and have another piece of cake for me.

Having you in my life is extra special. Sending you love today. Happy birthday, Mom!

I can’t think of a better person to send happy messages to today.

Happy Birthday Messages For Wife

Giving you all the love I’ve got on your special day.

The love you have given me has blossomed in my heart. Happy birthday, Mom!

I’m your kid forever. Sending you special wishes written in crayon.

The top ten reasons to be happy all come from you. Be happy today!

Whistling a happy tune for you today. Happy birthday to you!

Once upon a time there was a mother who had a Happy Birthday. The End.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star. Happy Birthday from afar. Missing you, Mom.

I’m a daydream believer, hoping all your wishes come true today. Happy birthday, Mom!

Remember all the pizza parties? Hope you get one with extra cheese today.

Happy Birthday Quotes FOr Sister

Monday, 16 January 2017

First Aniversary Wishes

21) There is no such thing as a perfect marriage unless, two people become mature enough to understand that. We’re one such couple. Happy anniversary sweetheart.

22) I regret the decision of marrying you last year. I should have married you the very day my heart was smitten by yours. xoxo

Happy Birthday Messages For Wife

23) After many quests which included fighting, arguing and making up like crazy, we just finished the first level in the game of our MARRIAGE. Whoever knew leveling up would be so much fun? Happy 1st anniversary.

24) Happy first anniversary to the woman who has stolen my heart, but given me beautiful her soul in return.

25) It doesn’t matter whether we celebrate our paper, wood, cotton or silver anniversary, because our love will always be as pure gold. Happy first anniversary.

26) Once again, let me give you a kiss. Once again, let me feel eternal bliss. Once again, let me put my arm around your waist. Once again, let me feel love’s taste. Happy anniversary.

27) From the first time we kissed to the first time we spent the night together – we’ve had some amazing firsts. Here’s adding to the list – happy first anniversary.

28) Time may be a metric to measure the number of years in our marriage, but our love for each other is timeless. Happy 1st anniversary.

29) Tough times and bad phases in life will come and go. But none of that matters as long as we’re in it together, now and forever. Happy anniversary.

30) Our first marriage anniversary is a reminder of the fact that you make great decisions in life – including the one to say YES and get married to me. Happy first anniversary.

31) May our relationship always be as tranquil as the first ray of the morning sun and as beautiful as the first glimpse of the moon’s radiance at night. Happy first anniversary.

32) I don’t need an anniversary to remind me to be grateful to you. Waking up to your beautiful face every day is the best reminder ever. Happy first anniversary.

33) Staying with you doesn’t feel like being married at all. It feels like having a fun and romantic sleepover with my girlfriend every day. Happy 1st anniversary, thanks for making our lives so perfect.

34) Congratulations for tolerating me for 365 days. The next round of torture is about to start. Happy first anniversary.

35) May the beginning of the fairy tale of our marriage eventually end with Happily Ever After. Happy 1st anniversary.

36) Being in a relationship taught us the meaning of loving each other no matter what. But marriage taught us the meaning of loving each other for what we are. Happy first anniversary darling.

37) Our first anniversary is special, but the way in which you make every day as romantic as the first day we met, is even more special. I love you.

38) Falling in love with you was great, getting married to you was awesome. But getting a kiss from the woman of my dreams every single day is the best thing ever. Happy 1st anniversary.

39) Marriage is like a see-saw. Sometimes it is up, sometimes it is down. But the most important thing is that we’ll have fun every single step of the way. Happy 1st anniversary.

40) Let’s stop counting milestones, and let’s focus on just creating beautiful lifelong memories. Happy anniversary baby.

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First Aniversary Wishes For Wife

First Anniversary Wishes for Wife: Beautiful quotes, romantic promises and the sweetest memories – these are the things that should mark the 1st year of your married lives. Leave no stone unturned to wish her a Happy Anniversary. Write cute notes on a greeting card, post heart-melting messages on her Facebook and share some of the mushiest stuff about love on Pinterest. Poke her with flirty texts throughout the day and make her feel like the most important woman in the whole world. Little things like these will go a long way in making your relationship stronger. It’ll pave the way for the amazing journey that you both as husband and wife will go on together, for the rest of your lives.

1) The secret to a happy marriage is to flirt as if you’ve met each other for the first time and love as if you’ve known each other forever. Ours is just that kinda relationship! xoxo

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2) Our first year of marriage has proved that no matter how fiercely we fight with each other like cats, we always end up loving each other like swans. Happy 1st anniversary.

3) True love is when someone likes you at your weakest, loves you at your poorest and kisses you at your ugliest. Thanks for being my true love, happy anniversary.

4) May we have many more years of glasses to clink, surprises to throw, cakes to cut, gifts to give and smiles to put on each other’s faces. Happy first anniversary.

5) Real relationships are a crazy ride, full of ups and downs. They are a journey, rife with tough times and bad phases. They are never perfect. But despite all the flaws, fights and arguments, real relationships stand out as one of the most beautiful, amazing and innocent things life has to offer. There nothing like it, and never will be. Thanks for giving me mine, happy anniversary.

6) Nothing comes close to how I feel, when I hold you close. It is a silence that tickles me in the deepest corner of my soul. Happy anniversary.

7) May the rest of our lives always be like our first anniversary – exciting, youthful and hopelessly romantic. Happy first anniversary.

8) Anniversaries will come and go, but our lives will forever continue to be a celebration of togetherness and romance. I love you.

9) I am one of the few lucky men in this world who can say that their best friend, girlfriend and wife are the same woman. Happy first anniversary.

10) Marriage is like true love… a journey that has a beginning, but no end. Happy anniversary to my forever.

11) A happy marriage is a relationship between two people who know the meanings of commitment, trust, sacrifice, forgiveness and honesty. Happy anniversary.

12) On our anniversary, let’s not look back at the memories we’ve made, rather let’s look ahead at all those that are yet to come. Happy 1st anniversary.

13) The celebration of our anniversary will last for twenty four hours but the celebration of our lives together will last for a lifetime and beyond. Happy anniversary.

14) Happy first anniversary to the First Lady of my world. I love you.

15) If my life was a boat floating over the choppy waters of destiny, you are the set of sails which will see me through. Happy first marriage anniversary.

16) I’m lost for words. All I want to say that I’m glad we’re together and you are the best thing to have happened to me. I wish I could just pause time right now and live this moment forever. Happy anniversary.

17) Thanks for making sure that the first year of our married lives was perfect. I promise, I’ll do everything I can to make sure that every single year of the rest of our lives is perfect – exactly how you deserve it to be. xoxo

18) An anniversary is like a stock-take day for a marriage. Our annual stock-take says that we have happiness in surplus. Happy 1st anniversary.

19) You know you’re in a real relationship when making sacrifices for someone else, makes you happy from within. I love you, happy anniversary.

20) If time could be played over and over again in a loop, I would put the first year of our marriage on repeat mode because it has been perfect. Happy first anniversary dear.

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